Chris Paul Tried His Absolute Best To Ruin James Harden's Big Night

Harden was incredible tonight. Between bullying Derrick Rose for long, painful to watch stretches, to going scorched Earth and hitting what felt like every shot he took in the second half, to throwing up countless lobs to Capela in the first half, getting someone else very involved in the offense after the rest of the Rockets decided to take the night off. ESPECIALLY Chris Paul, who put up a mean 5/14 from the floor (1/6 from three) with an even worse 4:6 assist to turnover ratio. No turnover worse than this one with the game on the line.

If Chris Paul’s already breaking out plays like this against the Timberwolves, what do you guys think he’s capable of against Golden State? Cause woo boy he usually saves back-breaking, series-losing plays for later than Game 1 of the playoffs. The first round is when Chris Paul comes back from leg cramps to hit game-winners against the Spurs. It’s the second round when you think he’s finally broken through to that next level when he goes and ruins everything.

If CP3’s already ahead of schedule for when he starts pooping down his leg in crunch time, maybe that means by the third round he’ll be reset and ready to go? Color me highly dubious of this strategy working but I suppose it remains to be seen. At least we know he has his cheap shot tactics to fall back on if need be.

PS – Towns played like hot, steamy dogshit on the offensive end of the floor tonight. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. 3/9 (2/4 from the FT line, 0/2 from three) for only eight (8) points is definitely not going to cut it in a regular season game against the Grizzlies, let alone a road playoff game against the Rockets. The rest of the Wolves also did a great job stifling his production, making sure they kept the ball in the hands of the likes of Andrew Wiggins, Derrick Rose and Jamal Crawford. Any time they can lead your team in field goal attempts, you simply have to do it.