Everything About The Orioles Stinks Right Now, Have Lost 6 Of 8

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My oh my how things have gone downhill since the end of the Yankees series for the Orioles. Since taking 3 outta 4 in the Bronx, the Birds are 1-5 and already see themselves 5 games behind the Red Sox with a record of 5-11. The same things that plagued this team last year are rearing their ugly heads again. They can’t beat the good teams (2-10 against teams above .500 going into last night), don’t play well on the road (3-7), 1 consistent pitcher (More on Bundy later), and the bats go cold too often (23 runs in 11 losses).

It’s going to get worse before it gets better too, All Star second baseman, Jonathan Schoop was placed on the DL with an oblique strain. He wasn’t producing this year, but it’s never good when a key piece of the puzzle goes out when the wheels are already wobbling. With Schoop out, that leaves Danny Valencia or Pedro Alvarez at third because Tim Beckham, who was at third, is now at second and Manny is pretty set on staying on short. This is where the loss of Ryan Flaherty hurts. Why? Because Alvarez and Valencia absolutely stink at third. Fans wanted the utility guy gone because he wasn’t much of a threat at the plate (so far he’s batting .364), but now when there is an injury, the whole team suffers because they don’t have a guy like Flats to play.

I talked above about the offense just not showing up, that was the case in Boston this weekend. Disgusting weather most of the weekend with temps in the 30s, so you saw some great pictures of players bundled up from the game on Sunday. Kevin Gausman summed up most of baseballs thoughts about the weather so far this season.

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And just like the temps, the Orioles offense was ice cold. This was supposed to be a 4 game series, but Monday’s Patriots Day Game was cancelled cuz of the weather, and thank god. 3 games was enough for the Orioles in Boston. They scored 7 runs in the 3 games and have only scored 5 runs or more in a game 5 times this season. Just bad games all weekend from Baltimore.

Friday night we saw Chris Tillman make yet another disgusting start for the Birds, going 2 innings, giving up 7 hits, 6 earned runs, 2 walks, and 0 Ks as the O’s lost 7-3. Tillman saw his ERA go up from 8.68 to 11.91. 11.91! That is insane, and let’s not forget that last year his ERA was 7.84. I am officially declaring Chris Tillman #done. I’m tired of him, and at this point I may take Ubaldo Jimenez over him. It’s clear Tillman’s shoulder just isn’t right, and it’s been about a year and a half since the injury, if he isn’t healthy now, he’ll never be. His velocity is gone, he lives up in the zone, every fastball he throws is flat, and every breaking ball he throws seems to find the backstop. He was pretty good earlier in his career for the Orioles, but since August 2016, he has been an absolute train wreck. It’s time for the club to move on from him.

One guy Orioles fans were excited for was Alex Cobb. Since he signed late in March, he obviously wasn’t going to be ready for the early part of the season. He made some starts at Extended Spring Training and said he was ready to go on Saturday against the Red Sox, a team he has had success against in the past. That wasn’t the case on Saturday and Cobb did NOT look like a guy who was ready for AL East competition. His Orioles debut lasted 3.2 innings and he gave up 10 hits, 8 runs (7 earned), he walked a batter and didn’t record a strikeout in the 10-3 loss. I’m not close to panicking about Cobb, but this team can’t afford garbage starts like Cobb had. I am confident we’ll see the Cobb we all expected sooner rather than later.

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Sunday’s game was a great pitching matchup with Chris Sale (who went sleeveless in 34 degree weather) vs Dylan Bundy. Obviously this was the lowest scoring game of the series with the Orioles losing 3-1. Chris Sale only went 5 innings, and still managed 8 Ks. The Orioles got him for a run early in the first, but that was all they would get. Dylan Bundy continues to be a bright spot for this team, every start I am more and more impressed with him, especially with the amount of injuries he has had over the years. As is tradition, the Orioles bats don’t do much with Bundy on the mound. In his 4 starts, they have scored a total of  7 runs, they’re also 1-3 in those starts with the lone win coming on Opening Day. Sunday was just another day on the mound for Dylan, he went 5.2 innings, gave up 7 hits, 3 runs (1 earned), struck out 6 and walked 2. His ERA actually rose from 1.35 to 1.40. Looking at his game-by-game numbers is just funny because you see the 0-2 record, just another reason why pitchers W-L records can’t be trusted. Bundy is everything you look for in a pitcher. I was so ready to give up on him before 2016, love to see that he is the real deal.

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Obviously the elephant in the room is the Manny Machado situation. He is one of the few guys on the team preforming with the bat. You see above the offensive categories that he leads the team in, so he’s not slacking at all. With every loss the chances he is traded climbs just a little. I mean they’re 5 out and only 16 games in…. more of a shot that this downslide continues and the Orioles are staring at a trade that they’ll have to sit down and decide if they want to make it. As Jared says, you hate to see it, but if this is what the team is going to be, you absolutely have to look to move him, a move that probably should have been done in December. Until that time, I’ll continue to drool over him.

Orioles are up in Detroit for 3 and then Cleveland for 4. This Detroit series would be a great time for the hitting to come back around and make some games up Much like the Boston series, the weather in Detroit looks great!

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Cleveland will be rebounding from their trip to Puerto Rico, sooooo maybe they’re all going to be jet lagged? Idk, I’m trying to be positive here.