The Celtics Win An Absolute Thriller Of A Game 1

Milwaukee Bucks v Boston Celtics - Game One

Holy shit what a win. This was about as classic a Celtics performance as we’ve gotten all season. Start out great, shit your pants in the second quarter and get down by a bunch, then come back only to kinda blow it again and make us sweat out the final 3 or so minutes. Even though we as Celtics fans have been through it time and time again it sure doesn’t get any easier.

From an execution standpoint, the Celtics did exactly what I hoped they would do.  Their defense was lights out from the jump, and everyone from Jaylen to Horford was great on that end. What else can we say about Al Horford? Just a gigantic performance from him. On the offensive end he was aggressive and efficient, on the defensive end he completely put the clamps on Giannis. Rough day for the anti Horford crowd. Defensively this team was nearly flawless, their rotations were crisp and the anticipation from Brown and Horford were awesome. Now if we could just work on inbounding the basketball we’d really have something.

Of course in typical Celtics fashion they couldn’t allow Rozier’s three with fractions of a second left be the game winner. Oh no, that would be too easy. Then even in the final moments of overtime they couldn’t even close it out without me holding my breath the whole damn time. But at the end of the day they made enough plays late down the stretch, most notably from Tatum, to hold on to grab a 1-0 series lead. I expect every one of these games to be just like this, I’m just glad they didn’t blow it.

A more complete breakdown tomorrow, for now, we exhale and rejoice. What a win.

1 down 15 to go.