TRUST THE DAMN PROCESS: Sixers HAMMER The Heat In Their Playoff Opener, 130-103

Annnnddddd that’s 17 in a row. Oh, and they also won by 27 points, 130-103. Not too shabby for a squad who went 2-2 vs. the Heat in the regular season where the biggest point differential was 4 points.

What a freaking effort. The sixers had a franchise playoff record 18 three’s on 28 attempts. When you shoot 64.8% behind the arc, you’re gonna win every NBA game you play. It’s as simple as that. Not to mention the hardcore defense and overall effort exhibited by this Sixers squad. The Heat had a healthy 60 points in the first half. 60. The 43 in the second didn’t help their cause.

Individually, Ben Simmons was, well, Ben Simmons. 17-14-9 in his first career playoff game. He’s averaged a triple double over the entire winning streak, and basically whipped it out and gave another tonight. Not too shabby for someone who “people” say is runner up to Donovan Mitchell in the ROY voting. Marco Me Scuzi Bellanelli and Ersan ?lyasova gave the European Eiffel Tower off the bench to anyone able and willing. Dario drained like it’s no other with 20 points. Reddick continued his slay streak with 23 points…IN THE SECOND HALF. This team is so good. So deep. So hot. And that’s without (arguably) their sexiest player in Embiid, who did all he could for the team, and more, before the game ringing the bell in a Phantom Of The Opera mask. What a fucking gem:

This team is hungry and fun as fuck to watch. After that one everyone better be on pins and needles waiting for Monday. And that’s not just Sixers faithful, that’s all fans of basketball. Till then, cue it.


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