As A Cowboys Fan, I Have Mixed Feelings About The Dez Release But Life Goes On

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The Dallas Cowboys have officially released wide receiver Dez Bryant after eight seasons with the franchise. He was reportedly cut during a meeting with Jerry Jones earlier today.

As a Cowboys fan, I was shocked. I think everybody was… including #88 himself. I was told he genuinely had no idea it was coming. And if his Twitter rampage is any indication, that checks out.

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I asked a source close to the team if saving $8 million in cap space this season and his contract numbers were the top motivating factors. The text I received back?

“It’s much more like they’re tired of Dez stuff.”

I know he has a huge ego, but yikes.

PSA: I’m from Dallas, so I love Dallas teams. But it’s really, really hard to be a Dallas fan these days. We just can’t have anything nice. That’s why when I was heavily entrenched in Boston sports for work, I adopted those teams as my secondary teams. It’s hard not to get attached when your entire life is based on talking about them. Plus, they win shit.

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If you would’ve asked me yesterday if I wanted Dez Bryant back next season, I would’ve said “yes” without even thinking. He’s unbelievably talented. But when the news came across my timeline this morning, I honestly felt kind of “meh” about it.

This tweet did get me in my feels though. Texas Forever.

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That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate what Dez did in Dallas. Of course, I did. He’s a freak athlete. I mean hell, his total yards ranks fifth in franchise history behind guys like Jason Witten and Michael Irvin. He has the most TD receptions in Cowboys history.

But Dez hasn’t been the 2012-2014 version of himself in quite some time. Since signing his new deal in ’15, he hasn’t had anywhere near a 1000-yard season or a 100-catch season. In fact, he tapped out at 69 (Sup, Gronk?).

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Sure, he’s been injured. But declining production and subpar route-running have really plagued him. When he was out during Dak Prescott’s rookie year, they spread the ball around better. Last year, they forced the ball to him way too often.

There’s a school of thought some of the problems started because he was pissed he got franchised tagged and maybe mailed it in a little bit. There were also some sideline outbursts a time a two.

But most importantly (in my opinion), they were paying him like an elite WR1 when he wasn’t playing like a WR1 anymore.

There’s no doubt he’ll be hot commodity as an UFA. He may — God forbid — end up with the Giants, Redskins or the Eagles. He seems pretty hell bent on sticking it to Jerry. I don’t really blame him either.

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The Cowboys haven’t won a Super Bowl since I was seven. It’s hard not to live in the 90’s. It’s not ideal to see a talent like Dez leave, but I’m looking forward to seeing how they can replace him. Hopefully with somebody that can really compliment Dak, Zeke and that nasty offensive line.

One can only hope. I had such high expectations last year only to get my heart stomped on. AGAIN.

Even though I think the move may end up being a good one in the end, I want to say thanks for your time in Dallas, 88. Throw up the X.

And last, but certainly not least. Dez caught it.

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