Parents Storm The Court And Attack Referees After A Questionable Foul Call During A Girls Basketball Game

Source - A brawl broke out among adults during a girls basketball tournament in Savannah, Georgia. When a hot-tempered woman approached the referee to argue a foul call, the ref stumbled to the floor and was suddenly met with fisticuffs from another man.

Man, I do NOT miss reffing youth basketball. Getting up early, running around, dealing with parents; it was the worst.  I was terrible at it too. I never paid attention. I remember the specific moment I realized it was time to turn in my whistle and get a real job. It was the winter of 2012 and I was officiating the eighth grade boys rec championship game. Arguably the most important sporting event of their lives. There were seven seconds left and the team with the ball was down by one. The point guard drove by his defender and laid it in to take the lead on what should have been an and-one. I meant to call a blocking foul but motioned for a charge. The gym basically exploded. Parents started screaming, the coach ran out on to the court- it was a disaster. I was going to change the call but was too embarrassed so I stuck by it and the team that should’ve won, lost. Oh well. Joke’s on you.

As terrible an experience as it was, it doesn’t even come close to what these refs had to deal with. He tried to get things under control by T-ing up a parent (bad move) but all that did was anger the crowd.

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Next thing you know dad’s giving the people’s elbow and all hell’s broken loose. It’s a sad a situation and a terrible example to set for the girls…but boy does it get me fired up for Rough N Rowdy 3. Tonight’s going to be epic. The One Man Thrill Ride Vs The Bavarian Hercules. Just two absolute bruisers going at it with Billy Burr on mic. If the weigh in last night was any indicator, this fight is going to be epic. And if you haven’t bought the fight yet A) you’re an idiot and B) you’re in luck because you can still but it HERE. RAHHHHHH. Lets. Go.