Last Night In The Stanley Cup Playoffs: It Was A Huge Night For Bad Trades

Columbus Blue Jackets v Washington Capitals - Game One

Before we get going here–I mentioned in a Quick Shifts video from last week that I’m no longer able to use game footage in those videos anymore. I guess I wasn’t really able to use them in the first place but I’m a renegade like that. Anyway, considering these are the playoffs and people care way more about the highlights than staring at my stupid face, I figured the best way to recap these nights would just be with a standard blog. Plus you can still see my stupid face on Healthy Scratches every day.

But yeah. Last night in the NHL was a doozy and the main course of the meal was the Columbus Blue Jackets coming back to take down the Capitals in game 1 of that series. Our first overtime game of the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Columbus 4 – Washington 3 OT (CBJ leads 1-0)

Now the headline reads “It Was A Huge Night For Bad Trades”. The reasoning behind that is let’s just think about what has transpired since this past offseason when the Chicago Blackhawks decided to deal Artemi Panarin to the Blue Jackets to bring back Brandon Saad while trying to get the old gang back together. A lot of people, including myself, thought this was a disaster just waiting to happen. John Tortorella trying to coach and control a flashy Russian who plays a creative brand of hockey? Yeah right. But thankfully for Columbus, I’m not the ones making the decisions as GM because Panarin put up 82 points this season while Brandon Saad put up a whopping 35. Meanwhile, the Chicago Blackhawks are home on their couches right now watching the playoffs and Panarin is out here delivering overtime daggers for the Blue Jackets. I think it’s safe to say Columbus got exactly what they were looking for. And speaking of another guy who has come up clutch for them who they acquired via trade.

First off–notice how it’s Artemi Panarin again who is involved on this play that sent the game to overtime. But yeah, the Columbus Blue Jackets have been striking gold in the trade department and Seth Jones is another premium example of that. Now I’m not saying the Seth Jones for Ryan Johansen deal was bad by any stretch. Both teams got exactly what they were looking for and needed. So this trade doesn’t apply to the headline. I’m just saying the Blue Jackets got two of their biggest goals of the season now by guys who they snagged in a couple of trades. You gotta credit the brass there. And I’ll tell you what. The Washington Capitals could probably use a little more offensive production right about now. I know that Ovi and Kuznetsov and Oshie are all fine players. But could you imagine if they had a guy like Filip Forsberg on the roster to make this the best top 6 on the planet?

Nashville 5 – Colorado 2 (NSH leads 1-0)

Yeah. Me neither. But hey, at least Martin Erat played great for the Czechs in the Olympics this year. Great deal for both the Nashville Predators and Washington Capitals, tbh. But this Filip Forsberg goal? It’s as filthy as they come.

Should actually call him Filthy Forsberg, in my opinion. Goes between his own legs, between Girard’s legs, and then stuffs Jonathan Bernier like a turkey. And this is exactly what I think everybody expected to happen in this series. Don’t get me wrong–what the Colorado Avalanche were able to accomplish this season is incredible. To go from the worst team in the league to the playoffs in just a year is ridiculous. But they’re a team that is led by Nathan MacKinnon and without MacKinnon, they are nothing. Meanwhile, the Preds are a wagon. They get help from all over the place. Sure, you have your superstars like Filip Forsberg pot home 2 goals last night. But then you have Austin Watson, Craig Smith and Colton Sissons pick up the others. They’re complimentary guys who know how to get the job done in the postseason. Nashville is a buzzsaw and Colorado just had to find that out the hard way.



San Jose 3 – Anaheim 0 (SJS leads 1-0)

I talk about this on my Healthy Scratches hit today but just want to give a quick shoutout to Evander Kane. Not that the Evander Kane was a bad trade or anything. I realize he’s going to be a UFA this summer and there wasn’t a chance in hell he was going to re-sign with Buffalo so they had to get something for him while they still could. But talk about a great trade for San Jose. Because not only did Evander Kane score one goal in his Stanley Cup Playoffs debut last night, he popped home another as well.

I’m genuinely happy for Evander Kane right now. I’ve always felt bad for this guy. He’s been in the league for 9 years now and has always been stuck playing on dog shit teams. I feel like he’s unfairly criticized for being a “locker room cancer” type of player because I’d be frustrated as fuck, too, if I were him. He’s an incredible offensive talent and he’s been wasting away his career on teams that suck. You wouldn’t be thrilled about being in that situation either. So he finally gets a taste of the playoffs for the first time and he scores 2 goals in a 3-0 win. What a gem.

Boston 5 – Toronto 1 (BOS leads 1-0)


I’m not going to talk about the actual game here as much as I’m going to say that Nazem Kadri is a fucking scumbag and deserves multiple games for this hit right here. I think the biggest thing to take into consideration here is the score. Toronto is already down 4-1 and there’s only 11 minutes left in the 3rd period.

A lot of times with these types of hits, they look way worse and way more intentional than they actually are. Hockey is a fast sport and these guys only have milliseconds to read and react to the situation before landing a hit. But with the score already being 4-1 in the 3rd period, you know for a damn fact that Nazem Kadri was going out there trying to make a statement and “set the tone”. You know that he was looking to land a big hit to spark his team moving forward. Which means that nothing about this was accidental.

And for anybody who has Kadri’s defense in this one, I understand that when he initially locked in to make this hit that Wingels was still up on his feet. I don’t think there was any scenario here where Nazem Kadri would have had any opportunity to avoid making contact with Wingels entirely. But he still had enough time to see that Wingels had dropped down to his knees. At that point Kadri isn’t able to fully stop his momentum but at the very least he could have pulled up. Instead, he continues to launch himself into that hit and that’s where Kadri loses any benefit of the doubt here. That needs to be multiple games.

Tampa Bay 5 – New Jersey 2 (TBL leads 1-0)

Taylor Hall has been waiting 8 years to play playoff hockey. Very much like Evander Kane, Taylor Hall found the back of the net in his Stanley Cup Playoffs debut after spending the first half of his career on dog shit teams.

Unfortunately for Hallsy, it was too little too late, and the Tampa Bay Lightning are too good. Nothing you can really do about that.

Hockey Tough Son Of A Bitch Of The Night Award


Obviously goes to Nick Foligno. Buddy gets smoked with a clapper straight to the face, goes down in a heap of blood, skates off the ice under his own will and was back on the bench just a few minutes later. What a savage. Hockey players, man.

Stanley Cup Playoffs Schedule Tonight, Friday April 13th:

  • Flyers +185 @ Penguins -215 | 7pm | PIT leads 1-0
  • Wild +170 @ Jets -200 | 7:30pm | WIN leads 1-0
  • Kings +125 @ Golden Knights -145 | 10pm | VGK leads 1-0