Bruins Don't Just Beat The Leafs. They Emasculate The Entire City of Toronto And End The Series Before It Even Began


What a demolition job!  That was like watching a Peewee club vs the best NHL team ever assembled.   The Bruins dominated every single aspect of that hockey game.   Skating, pucks on net, cycling the puck you name it the Bruins dominated it.  The only thing the Leafs excelled at were vicious cheap shots to defenseless players.   Just complete and total domination.   I know it’s unusual to look ahead after 1 game, but this series is over.  The Leafs don’t even belong in the same barn as us.   I want Sidney Crosby so bad I can taste it!

PS – The refs kinda fucked the over blowing the whistle so early on that late 3rd period goal.