I Don't Think Michael Oliver's Penalty Decision Was Correct And I'm Getting Killed For It

For those that don’t know me, I’ll preface this piece by mentioning that I’m an Arsenal fan. I had no skin in the game, no agenda, I’m as neutral as they come. I’m writing this piece to explain my perspective, since I can’t fit it all in one tweet and I’ve been getting chirped.

First things first, I hate slow-mo. It just doesn’t work well for soccer in my opinion. It exaggerates things and yesterday was a perfect example:

For me, that’s not a penalty. Terrible call by Michael Oliver. If it was a foul, and he truly was hit, then at that velocity he should’ve fallen like a pile of bricks. On contact Lucas is standing with his feet almost horizontally aligned, which in terms of balance, is probably the worst position you can be in if an external force is applied. So yes he made contact and that can’t be argued however, is it enough to call a penalty in the 93rd minute? HELL THE FUCK NO. Yes the haters will say “if you trip someone, that’s minimal contact,” blah blah blah. That’s completely different. You’re allowed to tussle in soccer, you’re not allowed to trip someone.

Last time I checked soccer was a contact sport and people saying it was a penalty, are just fueling the stereotype that soccer is for pussies. As for the Buffon incident that’s 100% a red card, you can’t touch the referee. It’s as simple as that. As for Ronaldo taking off his shirt and flexing like he’s won the World Cup:

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-12 at 14.03.56

Chill out Hercules. It was a bullshit call on soft foul. And that was talking soccer.

P.S I hate Madrid, can’t stand them. It had no influence on my take I swear