Do You Think The Denver Nuggets Learned Their Lesson?

DENVER NUGGETSListen you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that internet curses are real. Perhaps the most real thing of all time. Here at Barstool, New England fans everywhere are losing sleep over the goddamn Rone Curse, and while you may have thought this was all fun and games made up as a way to generate pageviews, the Denver Nuggets have learned just how serious a curse can be.

You see their history with internet curses goes back all the way to to earlier in the season. One of the best feelings in the world is when you see a tweet like this come across your timeline


Lil B is not new to the blessing scene, he’s been doing it for a while. He also has a proven track record of cursing NBA players so right off the bat you have to take this list seriously. Well, the Nuggets didn’tDalxtXiXcAEAftC

Personally, I love the Nuggets Twitter account. It is one of the few team accounts that is actually creative and funny. Them and the Kings are probably my top 2, but dear lord did they make a mistake. Not only did they lose their Dec 30th game to PHI, they then went on to lose 3 of their next 5. They spent the rest of the year trying to make the playoffs and it never made sense as to why a team with that sort of offense never got over the hump. Until you remember the curse.

But here’s the thing, they doubled down. Celtics fans know about the legend that is @isjanosnba, he’s one of the more entertaining parts of Celtics Twitter. Some might say he too has magical powers. Well over the last few days the account has been roasting every NBA team with final grades (highly recommend reading them), and after a few he finally got to the Nuggets

A solid burn no doubt. Well, how did the Nuggets respond? They sealed their fate before they even knew what hit them

This obviously didn’t sit well with Janos, who gave them a choice

We all know what happened next


They lost a brutal OT play in game to officially miss the playoffs. Some might say it was the most ruthless way to go, something that looks an awful like the result of a curse. As someone who was also a victim of an internet curse I know one when I see it.

So let this be a lesson to any other NBA Twitter account. If you want to avoid a disappointing Lottery Bound season, do not question the power of internet curses. Show them respect and you too can have a wonderful season. Try and act tough and ignore the reality, and you too will have a similar fate to the Nuggets. If they’re smart, they’ll apologize and try and get back in good graces before the start of next season.