Louisiana Senate Passes A Law To Ban Sex With Animals By A Narrow 25-10 Vote...Wait 10 People Voted No?

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IndependentLouisiana’s state senate has approved a bill explicitly banning sex with animals by 25 votes to 10.

The bill, which now goes to the House of Representatives, would make sexual abuse of an animal illegal; require an abused animal to be taken from its abuser; and bar those convicted from owning any pets in future.

A law covering “crimes against nature” – which includes bestiality – exists on the books, but was ruled unconstitutional in 2003 by the Supreme Court because it also included anal sex between consenting adults.

The new bill, titled SB236, states any person who engages in “sexual contact with an animal”, or knowingly participates in an animal being sexually abused, will be charged.

Ahead of the vote, Mr Morrell told lawmakers: “God forbid you vote against this bill, good luck explaining it.

The South is wild man.  Only in the South could you try to pass a law banning having sexual relations with animals and get 10 NO votes on it.  That’s not a critique.  I love the South.  I spent the best 4 years of my life down there.  It’s simply a statement of fact.  10 Senators stood up and did the Thumbs Down gif when asked their stance on “no fucking animals.”

Did they try to sneak tax code language in there or something?  Is there a hidden section of the animal sex law that cancels the 2nd Amendment and requires you to hand over your guns?

The 10 senators – all Republican – who voted against the bill were senate president John Alario, Brett Allain, Dan Claitor, Jack Donahue, Jim Fannin, Ryan Gatti, Gerald Long, Beth Mizell, Jonathan Perry and Neil Riser.

Gene Mills, president of the conservative Louisiana Family Forum, perhaps gave an indication of the reason for Republican opposition to the bill.

“We believe (current) Louisiana law is instructional in nature and is written to reflect the values of the citizens of the state,” he said. “The last thing we need is another law on the books.”

Hey man, I’m against over-regulation from the government too.  I think just putting it on the books that you can’t fuck animals is cool though?  Like we can let the libs have that one.  Maybe cross the aisle on this one.

I do commend the Senate on reversing that No Anal bullshit though.  Consenting adults should always have the pleasures of butt stuff available to them.  This is America after all.