Golf Is All-In On Legalizing Sports Betting

USA TodayThe PGA Tour would welcome regulated and legalized sports betting on its competitions if the Supreme Court overturns the federal ban that prohibits such bets in most states.

“You have keep in mind that betting is happening right now, with illegal black markets and offshore betting, and we don’t have any exposure to what is happening,” PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan told USA TODAY Sports in his first public comments on the issue. “If it’s legalized and regulated, you get to a point where you can better ensure the integrity of your competitions. You can provide adequate protection for consumers, which doesn’t exist today. There are commercial opportunities for us, which is one of the things we’re here to do, which is to create and maximize playing and financial opportunities for our players.”

“And we believe we’d reach a much broader audience.”

The Supreme Court is expected to issue its decision before its July recess.

This is such a no brainer. If you’re against gambling on sports you’re a virgin. Gambling is fun, it’s exciting. Gambling takes everything that already exists and simply makes it more intense, more dramatic, more emotional, more fun. It’s communist to tell people what they cannot do with their money. Do we like communists? No we do not. America’s been telling its people they cannot legally wager on sports for far too long. It’s the least American thing we do. It’s crazy. We do all this cool American as hell shit and then we don’t allow sports gambling.

Fortunately it’s looking more and more like the Supreme Court will rule to strike down that unAmericanism, paving the way for the legalization of sports betting. Hallelujah. And now PGA TOUR commissioner Jay Monahan has come out and taken a savvy stance on the whole thing. He’s made some honest statements — the TOUR would be dumb not to welcome both the commercial opportunities and the extra eyeballs the legalization of sports betting would bring.

Imagine you’re sitting around on a summer Sunday with nothing going on, most sports are in the offseason, and you can gamble on everything golf? On every shot? On every match up? On who’s going to win? On who’s going to lose? On if Justin Thomas’ ball will indeed get in the bunker? Imagine millions and millions of people very easily and effortlessly placing bets then getting paid out whenever they want? It brings millions of more peoples’ attention to golf. It brings new businesses to golf. It takes golf from — to many fans — a boring, overly drawn out event to an intense, pressure-packed spectacle with extreme focus on every single shot.

It’s awesome. Golf understands that it’s awesome. The PGA TOUR commissioner gets that it’s awesome. Even Dave Portnoy’s big dumb brain gets it (via February 27th manifesto):

6. Gambling On Every Hole

Probably the biggest no brainer on this list. You need to have 1 or 2 featured groups that you follow every shot of the tournament and let people gamble on every hole. Suddenly every hole becomes must watch television. There is a reason people love the skins game. Because it’s non stop action. Imagine tuning into a golf tournament at any point and just casually being able to be on a specific upcoming hole? I’d be glued to the television. There is a reason the NBA wants to legalize gambling. There is a reason the NFL is the #1 sport in America. It’s called gambling. Golf is built for gambling. People gamble on it all the time. It’s time to take gambling from the seedy underbelly of wealthy clubhouse locker rooms to the mainstream.

Golf, so back right now. Golf.