Last Night Russell Westbrook Achieved Back to Back Seasons With a Triple Double But Also Gave An Awesome Moment For the Soon To Be Retiring Nick Collison

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So last night was obviously Russ’s big night as he easily amassed 16 rebounds to secure back to back seasons averaging a triple double. Just pure insanity that he did this two years in a row. There was virtually zero doubt Russ was getting his rebounds last night, having grabbed 11 by halftime alone. Last night he put up a casual six points to go with NINETEEN assists and TWENTY rebounds. What a goddamn monster. I think this was one of the more under appreciated seasons in NBA history considering no one talked about until basically five days ago.

Aside from Russ’s accomplishments I thought it was very cool what he did for Nick Collison before the game even started. People forget, but Nick Collison played FOUR seasons for the Seattle Super Sonics! The man has been with this organization for 14 seasons and there are a lot of signs pointing to this being his last as he’s fallen out of the rotation playing just five minutes a game. Russ addressed the crowd prior to the game and called over Collison to center court, making sure the fans gave him the appreciation he deserved in case this is it. No chance Nick would have gotten this moment by himself because he’s not that kind of person to garner that sort of attention on his own.

Good on Russ because Nick deserved that moment.