Sidney Crosby Didn't Record A Triple-Double Last Night But Markelle Fultz Did

Milwaukee Bucks v Philadelphia 76ers

All people want to talk about today is Sidney Crosby this. Sidney Crosby that. Did the guy score a hat trick in game 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs last night? Yeah, sure, maybe. But did he become the youngest player in NBA history to record a triple-double? No sir. In fact, nobody in Pittsburgh has ever once recorded a triple-double so this is just another prime example of the eastern side of the state being superior.

But you want to know who did become the youngest player n NBA history to record a triple-double? Markelle Fultz did, that’s who. Game 82 of the season. Sixers need a win to lock up the 3-seed in the East. And Markelle Fultz comes off the bench to put up 13/10/10. Not a big deal or anything. Just a kid who was essentially turned into a punchline for the majority of the season. A kid who so many people had already written off as a bust. And I know it’s not the most impressive triple-double of all time. Neither was Lonzo’s 11/11/16 from earlier in the season. But for a guy who has obviously been dealing with so many confidence issues this year, putting together a game like that is going to be huge for him moving forward especially in the playoffs. And the best part about the triple-double is the way the rest of the squad celebrated with him.

19 years old. Playing on the game’s biggest stage. Has had his confidence issues been blasted all over the public eye. It would be pretty easy for somebody like Markelle Fultz to just completely shutdown and never recover from something like that. But clearly his teammates played a huge role in keeping him motivated and helping him along the way. That support goes a long way. So while the Flyers are getting their dicks kicked in against the Penguins, at least The Process is edging closer and closer to completion.

P.S. – Like a fine wine, this just keeps getting better with age.