Swinging Hard: Naked Dude Fights Another Passenger On The DC Metro

Tough situation to be in here. As soon as you walk on the Subway and see a naked fella, you know you are gonna take the ride of your life. He walks to you and you gotta think, “Get that cock away from me, bubba.” Next thing you know, you’re in a full-on tussle. If you knock him down, do you mount? Nope. Maybe you do if you’re wearing jeans. I dunno. I feel like that’s a spur of the moment thing. You cant decide now. You gotta feel the moment.

While you are fighting, it’s gotta be in the back of your mind that your friends are gonna dub the titanic music over your viral video like it’s a great sports moment.

Just picturing the possible video, you laugh, get knocked out, end up getting mounted and thus, go viral. In the words of everyone at Barstool Sports the last 5 days, “You hate to see it.”