Lawsuit Against Purdue's Isaac Haas Claims He Lied About STD, Infected Multiple Women


[Journal & Courier] -  A civil lawsuit alleges former Purdue basketball standout Isaac Haas infected his former partner with an incurable STD, and states she’s not the first one he’s infected. Alyssa Chambers filed a $1 million civil lawsuit in Tippecanoe Circuit Court Tuesday accusing Haas of lying to her about having a sexually transmitted disease — and subsequently, infecting her.

This came across Twitter late yesterday afternoon and quite honestly it was one of the more bizarre headlines I’ve read. Purdue’s big man Isaac Haas has been named in a lawsuit due to lying about an STD and infecting multiple women. Alyssa Chambers, who filed that $1 million lawsuit claims her and Haas ‘hooked up’ on May 15, 2017 and a few weeks later she tested positive for an STD.

Now, while that all sounds just absolutely horrific, there’s more to the lawsuit that gets a bit crazier. Madison Millsaps is named as another defendant in the lawsuit. Chambers claims that someone else, possibly Millsaps, texted her that Haas had infected ‘a number of other individuals’ including infecting Millsaps with herpes. Where it gets tricky is here. It’s alleged that Millsaps and someone on the coaching staff tried to cover for Haas and deny any knowledge of his infection.

As part of the filing, there is an exhibit that shows text messages between Haas and Chambers where Haas blames the Purdue Student Health Services. He claims he was tested, diagnosed, treated and tested again when they confirmed he was clean.

Haas became the starting center this past year for Purdue and was named third team All-Big 10 after putting up 14.7 points and 5.7 rebounds per game. He missed the last two games of the NCAA Tournament after fracturing his elbow late in the first round win over Cal-State Fullerton.