Aldon Smith Was Arrested With A BAC Of .40 aka 5x The Legal Limit

CBS Sports - New details have emerged regarding Aldon Smith’s arrest on Friday after he violated a court order.

When the troubled and perpetually suspended NFL pass rusher was arrested, his blood alcohol content was five times California’s legal driving limit, The San Francisco Chronicle’s Evan Sernoffsky reported on Wednesday. According to The Chronicle, prosectors said that Smith showed up to his fitting for court ordered GPS and alcohol-testing ankle monitors at the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department with a BAC of 0.40, which eventually rose to 0.41.

“That amount of alcohol is the equivalent of the anesthesia for major surgery,” Dr. Keith Humphreys, an addiction expert and professor in Stanford’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, told The Chronicle. “A normal-type person would be blacked out unconscious and at risk of a coma.”

Humphreys also said that by being able to “walk around at 0.40, he has to be exceptionally alcohol-dependent already. … Anyone at that level has a serious alcohol problem.”


My goodness gracious, .40! The good news is he wasn’t driving. And that’s all the good news. The rest of the news is his ankle bracelet goes off when it senses alcohol in his system, and his SCRAM measured his BAC at a friendly .40. “That amount of alcohol is the equivalent of the anesthesia for major surgery” – I mean…impressive but wildly unsafe, obviously. The only person who has been close to him in fucked upness is Leo in Wolf of Wallstreet after they took all the quaaludes

Although I was always impressed with this move

I guess Aldon Smith applies to the theory of “no half measures”. He knew he couldn’t drink without being arrested. So he wasn’t going to relapse with a glass of Riesling. Lord knows what he drank that night, but it was enough to get an entire village in Africa blacked out drunk.

While surviving a .40 BAC is impressive, Aldon Smith obviously needs to be locked up with the key chucked out the window before he hurts someone…again. Sucks that all his football talent is going to waste, but Jesus Christ, he’s a detriment to himself and society the longer he’s not somewhere getting better.