The Red Sox-Yankees Rivalry Is Officially Back: Tyler Austin Charges The Mound On Joe Kelly, Leaves With A Bloody Lip

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox

Let’s. Fucking. Go. It smells like the late 1990’s, early 2000’s up in this bitch. No more fabricated promos by NESN and YES to force feed us a “rivalry” that’s been dormant since 2005. The Red Sox are good. The Yankees are good. And FINALLY, they don’t fucking like each other. Enough with the fraternizing before games. We’ve got some genuine hatred for one another. It’s April 11th and we’ve already got a Red Sox-Yankees bench clearing brawl and that is just something that you LOVE to see.

This started when Tyler Austin slid in late and spiked Brock Holt at second base. It was ruled a legal slide. Holt didn’t like it. Obviously the Red Sox didn’t like it either, because Joe Kelly drilled Austin for it. My respect for Kelly went through the roof here. Austin smashes his bat, starts walking out and jawing at Kelly, and Kelly just waves ‘em on out. If you’re gonna do something then do something. Austin charges the mound and walks off the field with a bloody lip at the end of it.

Also, shout out to Aaron Judge for playing peacekeeper here. He was right next to Kelly and easily could’ve ripped him in half like a piece of paper if he wanted to, and he didn’t. But folks, this one ain’t over. These two teams play each other all year long, and the competition for that AL East crown is only going to get more and more intense as the year goes on. What a time to be alive. The Red Sox-Yankees rivalry is BACK.

PS — Tyler Austin is on Starting 9 tomorrow. In the interview, we learned that he grew up a Yankee fan. This adds up.