Russell Westbrook Averaged A Triple Double For The Second Straight Season

HAHAHAHAHA YES!!! There was a 0% chance Russ wasn’t going to get this record once he realized he only needed 16 coming into tonight. He’s put up 3 shots as of the time I’m writing this because all of his energy has gone towards letting other people shoot so he could crash the boards with the vigor necessary to achieve something that’s never been done before. Not only did he lock up this record, but he pissed off a lot of people in the process, which rules. So many people are legitimately pissed at him rebound hunting that it makes this accomplishment that much sweeter. Westbrook’s style of play has always pissed off a portion of NBA fans and stuff like this only ramps up the amount of poop in their diapers.

Congrats to Westbrook on achieving history. The first player to ever average a triple double in two separate seasons. He’s been on a personal vendetta against the sport of basketball’s history books since Kevin Durant split for Golden State and it’s been a delight to watch. It’s not going to get him MVP this time but, man, what a two year run we may never see again.