Nolan Arenado Charges The Mound After Getting Thrown At By Luis Perdomo

Before we get into this, am I alone in thinking that the throwing your glove at the guy charging the mound move is lame as fuck? You already threw a baseball at this dude at 95 MPH. Pretty sure he has a reason to be pissed off, and you have to accept the consequences of attempting to put a crater in another man’s body. Most guys who charge the mound after being thrown at actually get hit with the baseball — Nolan Arenado obviously did not — and if a 95 MPH heater didn’t stop him, you think a glove will? Interesting take.

Anyway, this is the final game of a three-game series between these two teams. It was announced earlier today that Manuel Margot was headed to the disabled list with bruised ribs after getting hit by a pitch yesterday. This was obviously an eye for an eye retaliation from San Diego for losing their leadoff man, only Margot isn’t exactly Arenado or anything close. Arenado is a bonafide superstar, so I don’t think anyone would object to the Rockies taking exception to their star being thrown at.

That being said, if you’re gonna do it, then Luis Perdomo did it right. First of all, he missed him. But if he were to actually hit his target, it looked like he was aiming for the numbers. Right way to throw at a guy, wrong guy to throw at. Even though this is the end of the series, these two teams meet again in less than two weeks. The Padres come back to Coors Field for a three-game set on April 23. Should probably expect some fireworks there.