College Girl "Loses" (Wink Wink) Her Notes For The Entire Semester So The Internet Bands Together And Sends Her Everything She Needs For Finals

I was smiling ear to ear the entire time I was reading this thread.  I am SO PROUD of Anne-Marie. So unbelievably proud.  Snake it til you make it isn’t just a saying – it’s an ethos.  It’s a life motto.  It’s a creed.  I mean let’s be clear.  There is a 0.0% chance Anne-Marie lost her backpack.   It just didn’t happen.  Anne-Marie didn’t go to class this semester and she doesn’t have any friends in that particular class.  She didn’t get her notes stolen because they never existed.

What she DID do was recognize the power of Twitter, harness it to get everything she needed, and applied what she gained to studying for and probably acing Finals.  And that, my friends, is a more valuable tool for today’s world than a billion semesters of sitting in lectures can give you.

Just look at some of the responses.


Oxford graduates far and wide sending all the material over that she needed, and then some.  She’s got more notes now than everyone in the class combined and has every piece of knowledge she could possibly need at her fingertips.

She even came back for more!


I’ve never been more jealous that Twitter wasn’t a thing when I was in college.  The mad scramble to figure out what the hell went on during the 17 classes you missed for “your grandma’s funeral” and “a family emergency” right before Finals was always stressful as hell.  Had I had the power of Twitter at my disposal at the time I’d be posted up on the brick wall by the student center tanning in the 85 degree Atlanta weather every day all day instead of scribbling notes in a lecture hall surrounded by jappy girls and Einsteins bagels.

Anne-Marie I salute you – you are the new Queen of the snakes.


Having a pencil case in 2018 was a bit troubling to be sure.