A Girl That Will Hang With You While You Play Video Games Is a Keeper, Thus Baker Mayfield's Girlfriend Emily Wilkinson is a Keeper

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*Disclaimer, this is not a blog about video games*

A girl can be hot, she can be sexy, she can be intelligent, she can be funny, she can be kind, but none of those things can tell you she’s the one. When you’re an athlete with Baker Mayfield’s star power there have to be countless smokeshows that throw themselves at you every single day. So what makes his new girl so special at she might be the one? Well, Emily Wilkinson is the type of girl that will have you sit on her lap while you play video games as she watches, specifically Fortnite here which seems to be the big craze lately in the office. I have no idea what to make of the game but I do know the one thing Baker Mayfield cares about the most, other than football, is video games.

Baker Mayfield the NFL quarterback almost didn’t happen. The man who captivated America the last few years at Oklahoma on the football field almost became Baker Mayfield the professional video game player. The man simply never lost at Halo during college. Sooners forward Ryan Spangler was the big man on campus, in terms of video games, before Baker got there as a transfer. It soon became Baker’s campus.

I saw that Instagram he posted and I just turned into a puddle. What a goddamn life. Being a superstar, future top 10 draft pick in the NFL, playing video games in your spare time, while sharing a life with Emily Wilkinson. Why do my exes and my friends’ girlfriends nag us because our 24/7 attention isn’t devoted to them? Stop doing this, stop doing that, and there’s girls like Emily Wilkinson. Goddman you Baker, you’re winning the game called life.