I Just Feel So Bad For The Wells Fargo Center Workers Who Will Have To Change Over Between Ice And A Basketball Court Until Late June


Alright so I understand the city of Philadelphia is excited about the Flyers and the Sixers both getting to the playoffs this year. The last time both teams were in the playoffs at the same time was 2011-12. So yeah, it’s been a while and people are hype. Especially considering we’re still just coming down off that high of winning the Super Bowl.

However, one thing that I don’t think a lot of people are taking into consideration here is the downside to all of this success. Just think about how much extra work and stress this success is going to be putting on the employees at the Wells Fargo Center who will be tasked with converting the Flyers’ ice into the Sixers’ court and vice-versa. That shit doesn’t just happen on it’s own, ya know. And think about how much more difficult that job is going to be once the weather starts to finally warm up a little bit. It would be one thing if either of these teams looked like they were primed for an early exit from the playoffs. But with both teams looking to make a deep run into June? Can you even fathom how much work it’s going to take to keep the perfect conditions in there for both teams once that ice starts to sweat a little? Gollllllly.

All I’m saying is that I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who are extremely jealous of us and the recent run of success that our sports teams have been enduring. What they don’t realize is that life ain’t all sunshine, rainbows and butterflies here at the top though. It’s like a Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems type of situation here. I understand that these are first world problems but they are still problems nonetheless. It would just be nice for other fanbases to understand that. Is that too much to ask for?