In Australia, You Always Bring A Chainsaw To A Road Rage Fight

A confusing amount of outrage from those newscasters huh? They couldn’t believe that guy popped the truck and emerged with a chainsaw. It’s Australia, you idiots. If you’re not carrying a chainsaw in your car in Australia, you’re the weird one. I wouldn’t go anywhere without a bazooka if I lived in Australia. There are no rules there. Well there are some rules I guess but Australians seems like a bunch of crazy fuckers (see above video where a guy starts throwing wild punches into a car window and then goes and gets a CHAINSAW). You gotta be prepared for anything.

While we’re here, I feel like chainsaws are an underrated weapon of choice in general. Chainsaws are fucking TERRIFYING. Just listen to the screams of the people in that video. They felt out cannot believe that dude whipped out a chainsaw. It’s chaos. A chainsaw is a good weapon of choice cause you can rev it. Not many weapons out there you can rev. Revving the chainsaw is like 80% of what makes it so scary. Sure, the idea of getting chopped to bits is scary, but the revving is a big part of it. Baseball bats are a popular road rage weapon but you can’t rev a baseball bat. You can rev a chainsaw.