Last Night In The NBA: It's Awesome When Dreams Come True


Happy Wednesday everybody and welcome to another edition of Last Night In The NBA where we catch you up on everything that went down from the night before in the Association. As we enter the final days of the season know that this blog WILL continue during the playoffs, but before we get emotional we should start to talk about the 6 games we had last night. If by chance you watched something else, maybe the Andre The Giant documentary or something and couldn’t watch the basketball, here’s what happened.

Hornets (36-46) 119 vs Pacers (48-34) 93

Well it was a good effort, but with this loss the Pacers are now locked into the 5 seed. The Hornets on the other hand, whose season has long been over, is currently the only team in the East that is missing the playoffs while also having a positive point differential. Since these games don’t really matter for CHA, we’re seeing some of the young players get extended run, and they’re responding well. Malik Monk continued his strong play with 17 off the bench

only to be out done by I think my coworker (?) Frank The Tank who had 24 on 10-17 shooting

The normal guys were good as well, with Dwight notching a solid 14/17 and Kemba a quiet 15/5, but this was a game CHA got off to a quick start and never really looked back. For a team that’s just 15-26 on the road, and had won just once in their last 6 games, this performance was certainly a surprise.

For IND, they aren’t at risk of dropping out of the 5th spot, and they were always a game or so behind CLE for a top 4 spot, so this loss really just put the nail in the coffin of those dreams. That’s about it. Hard to win when Oladipo doesn’t play and no player scores more than 13 points, and I suppose shooting 40/25% didn’t make things any easier.

Pacers fans can now turn all their attention to either PHI or CLE as a potential first round matchup, and since they don’t have homecourt, it’s a good thing they are a decent road team at 21-20 so far this season. Despite the loss they are still 7-3 over their last 10, so they’re playing good basketball at the right time.

Celtics (54-27) 101 vs Wizards (43-38) 113

Full blog is coming per usual, and I really don’t get why people would be freaking out. Everybody knows it’s a good sign when you lose 4 of 5 heading into the playoffs. Wake up.

Sixers (51-30) 121 vs Hawks (24-58_ 113

15 in a row now for PHI and I don’t care who they are playing at this point that is impressive. It does not guarantee playoff success like much of Sixers Twitter will want you to believe, but it still is very, very impressive. Factor in they are doing it without Embiid and I think it’s fair to let them have their time in the sun. Offensively this team is rolling, another game of 49/45% splits, 17 3PM, 30 FTA, and 120+ points all in regulation. As pathetic as ATL is, that’s still great basketball. They are getting insane shooting performances from Redick and Belinelli what seems like every night, and then sprinkle in a little Ben Simmons magic and this team looks great


I hope they win out and keep that 3 seed. You can do it Sixers, I believe in you!

For ATL, Taurean Prince is on some sort of tear right now. Right after making everything he threw up against BOS, he was back at it again last night with 27 points on 6-18 shooting….from behind the arc!


With this loss ATL is now tied for 3rd in the lottery standings. Not bad!

Suns (21-61) 124 vs Mavericks (24-58) 97

There was a time when Suns/Mavs was MUST WATCH. Younger stoolies probably don’t remember that because they were like 11, and you wouldn’t know it by looking at who played in this game last night. I won’t pretend to know most of these guys, I’m here just to show you dominance. I would say 36/9 on 12-20 shooting from Alec Peters qualifies

He had some help too, with both Alec Len and Shaquille Harrison finishing with 18 as well

Even with the win the Suns still own the best lottery odds and have a 1.5 lead over MEM. I don’t know if I should be embarrassed for them or impressed.

For DAL, hey look, at least Dirk is coming back for his 21st season! No Dennis Smith Jr in this one, but Andrew Harrison did show some life with his 16/4 which just so happened to be a career high


and Jonathan Motley was great with 21/6 of his own

The end is almost near and for DAL fans just know that you are also tied with ATL for the 3rd spot in the lottery standings. Better things are on the horizon I promise.

Warriors (58-24) 79 vs Jazz (48-33) 119

Look we all know this game meant nothing to GS, and that they probably mailed it in. That’s all fine and good, but you still epect them not to lose by FOURTY POINTS. In a game that Draymond/KD/Klay all played in that’s just crazy to see. Their problem was they in no way had an answer for Donovan Mitchell, who torched them for 22 points on 8-12 shooting

Mitchell now owns the rookie record for most 3PM in a season with 186, passing Damian Lillard who owned that record at 185. Pretty impressive. Also impressive is that UTA didn’t just rely on Mitchell, other guys stepped up as well



With this win for the moment UTA also jumped POR and now sits in the 3rd seed, and a potential UTA/SA series is in play. Remember SA is horrific on the road, so UTA fans have to be loving life right now, and with good reason.

For GS, like I said this doesn’t really matter for them. You can’t ignore it though, because Curry isn’t coming back and this team’s defense looks…..shaky. Chances are they flip the switch in a few days, but right now this team looks gross, with a 4-6 record over their last 10.

Rockets (65-16) 105 vs Lakers (34-47) 99

Let’s get the Rockets out of the way quickly so we can get to the real story. Harden and CP3 dominated, that’s about it


You like to see them not turn the ball over as much (18) moving forward, but this game was never really in doubt so who really cares. We all know the Rockets are much, much better than the Lakers.

For LAL, I mean how could you not love what we saw last night? Andre Ingram finally getting his crack in the league after a 10 year grind, you KNEW the Basketball Gods were going to take care of him, and did they ever

19 points on 6-8 shooting (4-5 from deep). Amazing. Part of me hates that this all happened for the Lakers, but even I can put aside my hatred for them and appreciate what an awesome moment this was. A night like this is why sports fucking rule. My question is, this dude is a career 46% three point shooter in the GLeague and nobody could find a spot for him on their roster? How much of a sample size do NBA teams need? I mean Abdel Nader has been on a roster ALL YEAR. That seems crazy to me, but definitely a cool moment for a guy who dreamed of it his whole life and didn’t give up until it happened. Bravo sir.

Josh Hart also had 20

but come on, this was Ingram’s night.


And that’s it! You’re now all caught up on everything that happened last night in the NBA. We’re back tonight for the final night of the season with big time matchups like TOR/MIA, MIL/PHI, and DEN/MIN. Everything seeding wise will be sorted out by the end of the night, and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds. If you can’t watch that’s OK, just check back in the morning and I’ll fill you in.