The Yankees Got Their Absolute Shit Kicked in Last Night at Fenway Park as the Sox Dominated 14-1

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox

Last night was an unmitigated disaster for the New York Yankees. I actually don’t even know if that even comes close to describing the beat down the Yankees just suffered in Fenway. There are really no silver linings to what just happened. Luis Severino gave this offense no chance against Chris Sale to start the game. You can’t put your team in a 4-0 hole through two innings with just under 50 pitches as the ace of a staff. As the ace of this staff you have to come out matching 0’s with Sale because you knew he was going to come out firing on all cylinders. Sevy did not do that and to be honest this game was pretty much over at that point.

Did the Yankees actually hit Sale? Sure they collected eight hits but they could never muster any real offense with men on base. Aaron Judge had three hits, breaking an 0-12 streak against Sale, including the hardest hit home run out of Fenway Park in the Stat Cast era. It was all for naught…

Giancarlo Stanton struck out in his first two at bats against Chris Sale. His first at bat he went down on three pitches, looking just about as lost as humanly possible at the plate. His second at bat took him five pitches before he took a seat. In his third at bat he managed to rip a single to right following Judge’s blast to center but was stranded at third. In the 8th he came up against Brian Johnson and ripped a two strike double down the line. Could that get him going? Just putting the bat on the fucking ball and seeing it get through cleanly a few times? You never know what that could do to the mindset of Giancarlo. Just two at bats without striking out is a large improvement.

In all seriousness that was just about as embarrassing an April loss as I can remember. The important part about April beatdowns is that they occur during the month of April. There are five more months of baseball left folks. You can lose 21-1 or 1-0 and it’s all the same. You just forget about it and come to the ballpark ready to go tomorrow. You lose this badly and you just flush it away like it didn’t happen. Maybe it even brings you closer together losing that badly as a group? It’s just a gigantic slap in the face/wake up call that can hopefully get everyone’s attention. Yes you’re a team that is stacked beyond belief, but that’s not good enough. You have to actually produce on the field, it won’t just be given to you.

There’s zero need for concern, it’s April 10th. Injuries are not an excuse, especially when Stanton, Sanchez, Judge, Didi, Sevy, Tanaka, Gray, and the whole bullpen are healthy. I will say it’ll be nice when Aaron Hicks, Greg Bird, Clint Frazier, Jacoby Ellsbury (just kidding), Brandon Drury all come back from the DL. Like I said it’s not an excuse, but that gives us reason not to panic one bit. You’ve got to just forget about this loss and come to the ball park today with a clear mind ready to play. Bitch boy David Price is on the mound and I’d like nothing more but to ruin the nice start he’s off to in 2018. Maybe that will get the dreadfully slumping Gary Sanchez going? The one man he owns more than any human being on this planet: David Price.

One thing I’d like to see is Miguel Andujar sent down soon. The guy just looks completely overmatched by MLB pitching so far in 2018 and he needs time to regroup in the minors. Gleyber Torres is hitting in AAA and his magical extra year of service time date is fast approaching. If Drury can’t get right soon, you may see Gleyber quicker than we thought.

14-1 certainly sucks, but if you win the next game 2-1 who the fuck cares? Carrabis can say “you hate to see that” all he wants, but we all need to stay calm and just wait for the tides to turn. They will.