Donovan Mitchell Pleads His Case For Rookie Of The Year

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“Rookie: An athlete playing his or her first season as a member of a professional sports team.”

Weird that a guy in the Rookie of the Year race is making the case for his biggest competitor for the award in Ben Simmons. I agree with Mitchell that Simmons is the clear winner of ROY this year but rarely do you see guys going out and campaigning for their competition. These millennials are just getting softer by the hour it would appear. You’d never see Magic Johnson say that Larry Bird deserved Rookie of the Year.

Ben Simmons is, in fact, playing his first season as a member of a professional sports team. Why Adidas did Mitchell dirty with this wording is beyond my comprehension. They change that to “first year in the League” or something that actually applies to the fact that Simmons was drafted last year and this is a power hoodie. But considering he played exactly zero seconds of professional basketball last year they’re absolutely agreeing that Ben Simmons does, in all actuality, qualify for the award. Just a peculiar move that should absolutely cost Mitchell some votes, and Adidas has no one to blame for themselves for a great attempted troll with the worst execution imaginable.

UPDATE – You know it’s serious when gets in the mix.