Dirk Nowitzki Says He Is Planning On Coming Back For His 21st Season

Brooklyn Nets v Dallas Mavericks

Oh hell yes!! As someone who loves this league and this sport, both are better with guys like Dirk still lacing them up. We’re at the point where some of the legends of our pasts are starting to hang them up, but I throw Dirk in with guys like Vince Carter and Manu that I never want to see leave. I need those guys to play forever. The fact that Dirk is coming back to play for a team that will most likely still stink next year is awesome for everyone involved. And if we’re being honest, even at age 39, the guy can still get it done. In 24 minutes a night this season Dirk averaged 12/5.7/1.6 with 45/40% splits and 1.8 3PM. For those who don’t know that’s his best FG% in 3 years, his best 3P% in 5 and the most 3PM since the 2002-03 season. Sure he may have averaged the second fewest points of his career, but he’s definitely not washed up.

My hope is that DAL, who will have a good chunk of cap space to play with this summer, makse some moves and brings in talent that can help because Dirk deserves to have a fairy tale retirement. If you managed to force yourself to watch Mavs games this year you know that Barnes/Dennis Smith Jr/Dirk are nice, but they clearly need more. Add in a high lottery talent and next year could be a lot of fun in Dallas.

So this is awesome news, I’m happy for the fans in DAL and happy for myself because I love watching Dirk play and we get to see one more year of it.