TJ Miller Responds To Getting Kicked Off Amtrak For Being Blacked Out Drunk By (allegedly) Calling In A Fake Bomb Threat

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Source –  Todd Joseph “T.J.” Miller was taken into custody Monday night at LaGuardia Airport, the United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter. 

The former Silicon Valley star was arrested for allegedly “intentionally conveying to law enforcement false information about an explosive device on a train traveling to Connecticut,” according to a press release from authorities. 

Miller allegedly made the bomb threat on March 18. 

According to United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, the 36-year-old comedian and actor allegedly called 911 and told the dispatcher he was on Amtrak Train traveling from Washington, D.C. toward Penn Station in New York City and that a female passenger “has a bomb in her bag.” 

The train Miller identified was stopped in Connecticut at Green’s Farms Station in Westport. All passengers were kicked off and bomb squad members searched the area. “No evidence of any explosive device or materials was detected,” according to authorities. It was later discovered, according to authorities, that Miller was on a different train. 

The attendant on Miller’s actual train stated that he “appeared intoxicated upon boarding in Washington, that he consumed multiple drinks on the train, and that he had been removed in New York owing to his intoxication.

The attendant also advised that Miller had been involved in hostile exchanges with a woman who was sitting in a different row from him in the first class car,” according to the release from the United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut.

Yesterday it was Packers WR Trevor Davis, today it’s actor/comedian TJ Miller. I guess when it rains it pours in the world of celebrity bomb threats. I’m not going to get on his case too much because he clearly has issues when it comes to alcohol, but I will say this: it’s getting hard to defend TJ Miller. I thought he was hilarious in Silicon Valley, I’ve always enjoyed his stand up, but this is inexcusable. The whole story is bizarre. I guess what happened was he got so shit faced that he started arguing with the lady in front of him, got kicked off the train, then called in a bomb threat as revenge. Which happened a month ago and they’re just now catching up to him? Whatever the case, it’s an incredibly sad, and if you’re a passenger, infuriating situation. I got mad when the MTA started plastering “see something say something” signs all over the subway out of fear that it would slow my commute. I can’t imagine the level of rage I would experience if I found out that a huffy TJ MILLER was the reason my travel plans were delayed. And then there’s the fact that an entire train’s worth of people thought they were going to get blown to smithereens.  The more I write this blog, the more I’m starting to hate him. I don’t care that he left one of the funniest voicemails of all time on Frankie Borelli’s phone.

He’s dead to me. Get your act together, TJ. You’re too funny to be pulling crap like this.