College Girl Dumps Her Boyfriend And Blows Him Up Online After He Texts Her She Has A "Beer Gut"

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FOX NEWSA student at Portland State University decided to dump her boyfriend after he complained about her “beer gut” in a series of text messages — but now she says she sees the whole experience as a “positive thing.”

Johnson, 23, had been dating her now-ex-boyfriend for a few months before he expressed his concerns about her supposed beer belly, prompting her to share the troubling exchange on social media in late March.

Johnson also confirmed to followers that she was the same weight — 120 pounds — when she met her boyfriend, and that she had actually struggled to gain weight since she was in high school.

Soon afterward, Johnson confirmed she was newly single — and that her ex felt like a jerk for being called out online.

I gotta be woke to this story, only because I find it hard to believe a dude like this actually exists:

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Maybe that’s just the naive softy in me.  That’s the meanest shit ever!  I mean talking shit about your girlfriend is what your buddies are for.  Texting her personally that you think she’s fat is so insanely cruel.  Especially when she has a history of body issues.

That’s why I’m hoping this is a viral stunt to get Instagram followers.

Which I fully support.  That IG game is a grind.  Gaz is out here pulling his non-existent hair out trying to hit his growth goals with keg stand and Spring Break twerking videos.  Shelby just put on a powerhouse social media display and brought a positive message with her while doing it.


Applying what I learned today to long faces with closely spaced eyes.  Thank you Shelbs.


Kind of sounds like a horrible human tbh.  Agree to disagree.