Story No One is Talking About: Russell Westbrook is 16 Rebounds Away From Averaging Back-to-Back Triple Doubles in a Season

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Last year Russell Westbrook was the story of the NBA as he averaged a triple double for an entire season, joining only Oscar Robertson to accomplish that feat. He also broke the record for the most triple doubles in one season, also breaking Robertson’s record. Every single night towards the last month or so of the season it was the top story on SportsCenter. In the 2017-208 season all Westbrook has done is average 25.6 points, 10.1 assists, and 9.9 rebounds. After hauling in 18 boards last night, all Westbrook needs to get his average to double figures is 16 rebounds! And guess what? NO ONE is talking about this. This man is about to average a triple double in back to back seasons, something that was seemingly impossible a few years ago and has never been done before, and it’s barely scraping the surfaces of major news outlets.

The reasons for that are unknown, but I’m guessing James Harden’s sure fire MVP season has something to do with it while Westbrook’s insane numbers have just become the norm at this point. It’s not like the Thunder are going to miss the playoffs either. They clinched a spot in the postseason last night and can surge to as high as the five seed if things break their way over the last two days of the season. Tomorrow the Thunder end their regular season hosting the lowly Memphis Grizzlies who average the second least rebounds in the entire league. Imagine not thinking Westbrook was going to get 16 rebounds tomorrow night. You bet your ass Steven Adams, one of the best box out big men in the NBA, is going to pave the way for Russ to fly in and get that number. If there was ever a player that was going to chase this stat and be fully aware of the situation it’s Westbrook. I’d be stunned if when I check the boxscore after the first quarter and he doesn’t have 10 already.

Get ready for a lot of this

You call Russ for a push off tomorrow night you’re simply a dead man. He’s getting 16.