This Stanley Cup Playoffs Promo Has Me All Sorts Of Jazzed Up, To Say The Least

And now I’m ready to run through approximately one-thousand, nine-hundred-seventy-five brick walls.

I’m not just saying this for the #PleaseLikeMySport aspect of the take, but there is quite literally nothing in the world better than playoff hockey. What is one of the best things on Earth? Probably pizza, right? And how can you make pizza even better? You add some buffalo chicken to it. What I’m getting at here is that playoff hockey is the buffalo chicken pizza of the sports world. You have something that is already so incredible on its own, hockey, and you find a way to make it even better by adding the playoffs to the mix.

Every game means a little more. Every period means a little more. Every shift means a little more. And it shows out there on the ice. These are all guys who grew up as kids with one dream. That dream was to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup over their head one day. Right now, there are 16 teams full of those kids who are now just 16 wins away from making their dream a reality. You think any of them are going to take a single shift off one night when they know they’re this close to achieving their dream? Hell no.

And I understand that playoff anything is better than the regular season. Even playoff basketball isn’t as much of a joke as the regular season is. But there’s just something different about playoff hockey. The energy of the games bleeds through the tv. You’re sitting their on the couch watching two teams you’re not even a fan of and all of a sudden you feel your heart climbing up your chest and you’re about to puke during a 1-1 hockey game with 7 minutes left in the 3rd. Those 7 minutes could be the difference between winning the greatest trophy in all of sports or having to wait another whole year to get a crack at it again. You can sense that from the ice. And it all starts tomorrow.

“Memories fade. Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory is forever” - the National Hockey League.