Florida Student Asked To Put Tape On Her Nipples When She Showed Up To School Without A Bra

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NBC Bay Area- A Florida high-school student who didn’t wear a bra one day this week says school administrators told her to cover her nipples because they were distracting her classmates.

The Bradenton Herald reported Friday that 17-year-old Lizzy Martinez decided not to wear a bra under her gray long-sleeve shirt on Monday, and school officials in Bradenton felt she became a target of other students’ stares. The school is on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Martinez says the humiliation began when School Dean Violeta Velazquez called her into the office. Martinez felt like she was being bullied by fellow students, but Velazquez said there was a distraction that needed to be addressed.

“She told me that I needed to put a shirt on under my long-sleeve shirt to try to tighten my breasts — to constrict them,” Martinez told the paper. “And then she asked me to move around.”

Apparently the second shirt was not enough, Martinez said, because she was then sent to the nurse’s office. The nurse handed Martinez four bandages, two to cover each nipple, leaving her in tears.

The dress code does not specifically address or require bras.

I’m a big nipple guy. Let me clarify that: I am a fan of nipples in general, not a fan of big nipples. I don’t mind big nipples, I just prefer medium nipples. I don’t want to choke on a nipple. Eh, maybe I do. I’ll have to think about that. THE POINT IS, I am a firm believer in the “free the nipple” movement. I once marched on behalf of that cause, and I don’t march for ANYTHING:

I recognize that this young lady is 17 years old, so I want to clarify that my nipple talk refers to women my age, +/- a few years. Mostly minus though. Not trying to get wifed up, ya know?! These old broads are out here making demands and accelerating the process to warp speed. Let’s take a breather, grandma! I need a peek inside your medicine cabinet before I’m willing to go steady!

I can definitely understand the school’s point of view, though. When I was in high school, my hormones were a bubbling mud pit sitting on an active geyser. If I saw so much as a hint of turquoise lace peeking over the back of some blue jeans, it was all I could do to stumble my way to the single-use handicapped bathroom down the hall to drain the two-by-four (inches) in my pants. Once spring came ’round and my classmates dug out their sundresses and shorts? I was better off staying at home because I wasn’t processing ANYTHING my teachers were saying. Ever try to focus on Roosevelt’s New Deal when a girl in front of you was leaning forward and her underwear was showing? It’s like trying to watch an airplane safety demonstration while a couple 69’s in the row in front of you. Never stood a chance!

Having said that, I think you let this one slide if you’re the school. You can’t make someone tape their nipples down with band-aids. That’s a recipe for chafing, not to mention the weird cross-hatching pattern under her shirt will attract a lot more stares than when she was a normal, 2-nippled human. Another option is to turn the AC down. I know it’s Florida but my nipples are heat-sensitive and tend to tone it down when it’s nice and warm. I smell a lawsuit.