Last Night Cardi B Became The First Person Ever To Cohost The Tonight Show And She Absolutely Killed It

Source –  Cardi B made her third appearance on “The Tonight Show” earlier in the evening. After previously coming on as a guest and a musical performer, Cardi returned to co-host the program alongside Jimmy Fallon, marking the first time in “The Tonight Show”’s history the program has had a co-host.

She was all over the show—she told jokes during the monologue, played a game of “Box of Lies,” helped interview guest John Mulaney, and much more. Watch clips of her appearance below. She also performed her new Invasion of Privacytrack “Money Bag.” 

If you had told me a year ago that Cardi B, of Love and Hip Hop fame, would become the first ever person to cohost one of the most storied late night talk franchises of all time I would’ve laughed in your face. Yet here we are. Sixty-four years since its inception and we’ve finally got a cohost: Cardi B.

As strange as the pairing was, it somehow worked. Cardi’s weirdness brought the human out of Fallon. There were still robotic moments, but for the most part the show flowed. When I worked on WWHL our EP’s philosophy was to pair people together who would never normally interact and it always produced the best moments. Which is what I assume happened here. That or they just wanted to stick it to Joan Rivers one more time.

You have to give credit to Jimmy Fallon for allowing Cardi to share the spotlight. It speaks volumes to his confidence as a performer. Late night hosts are notoriously protective of their jobs. Letterman in particular would only allow close friends to fill in out of fear that CBS executives would force him out of a job. Granted, he had reason to be concerned considering his guest hosts were usually well-established comedians like Adam Sandler and Jimmy Fallon but the point remains.

My favorite part of the night came when Cardi recorded a voicemail on a ‘randomly selected’ audience member’s phone (03:05). It was awkward at first but once Angel started talking about managing a Dunkies everyone started having a great time.

She also explained some of what I guess you would call catchphrases? It was strange but I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

One of my favorite lines in any movie ever comes from the documentary I Am Chris Farley. His brother talks about the overwhelming nature of “big American fame.” You can check it out here. My point is, right now Cardi is experiencing “big American fame” and she seems to be handling it well. Hopefully she keeps it up and we get to see a lot more of her. Best of luck, Cardi.