Woman Records Her Two Children Beating The Shit Out of Her in Her Sleep Giving You A Whole Different Level of Appreciation For Mothers Out There

I mean I just gained a whole another level of respect for moms out there. This woman’s baby boy is basically fighting her like McGregor in her sleep. We’ve got hair pulls, hammer fists to the chest and back, kicks to the stomach it’s no holds barred slobber knocker. Then the other kid comes crawling in and that’s where I’d actually lose my mind if I were her. By the time the kids are all tired and pass out the sun is coming up and it’s time to start your day. What this video doesn’t show are the crying and screaming that for sure is going on during the madness.

Where is the husband you might ask? He’s a stuntman according to another one of her Instagram posts and Melanie has had to deal with the 10 month old and the two year old (who has an ear infection) while he’s gone. Moms are legit superheroes and the thought of dealing with this when I’m older is horrifying. That’s why I’m adopting an eight year old who is a genetic freak, who’s going to be tall, and not have hair-loss issues. I will mold him into becoming a pro athlete and be set for life when I retire. We’re going to cut out this nightmare stage in life and skip right to little league. No brainer.

Oh and how does Melanie combat her restless nights? Sleeping during the day while the kids are at school or daycare? Nope, she works out like a monster. How do you have the energy to do any of this?