Joey Votto Is An Asshole, And That's Why I Love Him

I love this man. I truly, honestly do. First of all, if you’re not a Joey Votto fan, then you’re either from Philly or you’re just not paying attention. Cincinnati’s first baseman is one of the best baseball players of this generation, although he never gets credit for that.

Since the start of the 2009 season, here’s a list of players who have been able to maintain a .300 batting average and a .900 OPS with a minimum of 900 games played — Mike Trout (.306 BA, .976 OPS), Miguel Cabrera (.322 BA, .965 OPS), and Joey Votto (.315 BA, .980 OPS). His OPS leads the majors since the start of 2009, as does his .436 on-base percentage coming into 2018.

He also leads the majors in number of fans trolled. That number continues to grow by the game.