Jonny With Two Outrageous Blunders On Wheel Of Fortune That Will Make Your Blood Boil

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 8.35.59 PM

Alright friends, buckle up. Because another day has come and gone, and we have another ridiculously bad Wheel Of Fortune player. I’m beginning to think it has to be scripted, because it’s every day something absurd like this happens. You can see previous examples




Well tonight was an all timer. I had people who watch WoF at 7 (it’s on at 7:30 in NYC but 7pm in some markets) tweeting me that I wanted to make sure to watch tonight. So I cancelled all my meetings, had my assistant cancel my hot date with my super model girlfriend, and rushed home to watch the show. And boy, we had a good one.

Introducing, Jonny. Without further ado:

Jonny, nooooooooo. Doc And Cony Show? He completely blanked on “dog and pony show”. Just never heard the phrase before? And even if that’s possible, he should be able to use context clues and realize DO- and -ONY could both easily be members of the animal kingdom. He had a $10k prize in his possession and couldn’t pull “dog and pony show”. Woof.

But wait….there’s more.

WHY DID HE SAY FLAMINGO?!?!?! Just read it as it is, Jonny! To be fair, I don’t really know what “Flamenco” is either, but you just read it as it is. His face looked like he just saw a ghost. He couldn’t believe it. Poor Jonny.

Jonny’s story does have a happy ending though. He still ended up winning the game for I think like $19k. And when he introduced his family he made jokes about how embarrassed and ashamed they were of him. So a good ending for a guy who made two absolutely terrible blunders. Today, redemption was spelled J-O-N-N-Y.