GOOD GOD: Fortnite Is Bringing In $2 Million A Day From IPhone Users Alone


Recode – Fortnite: think Minecraft married to “Hunger Games” — was already a giant hit before the game came to iOS in March. Then Epic started letting users play on iPhones and other Apple devices, and at least 11 million people have downloaded that version. And then many of those players have started spending money: The game has now grossed more than $15 million since launch and is now generating more than $1.8 million a day, per SensorTower. For reference: It is crushing Candy Crush, Clash of Clans and Pokémon Go.

2 mill a day. Straight cash homie. Not from PS4, Xbox, or PC. Just IPhone users. Annnnndddd the damn app isn’t even on Android for their dozens of users, yet. Talk about a bloodbath of an American trend. This isn’t even a game anymore. It’s a movement. One that might end humanity due to lack of productivity. And you know what? I am 100% OK with that. So is the majority of society. People are even taking the smart initiative to literally buy time from everyone in their lives:

A wise man right there. Now there’s only one thing to do…and that’s Squad Up. We’re streaming live now so let’s dance. Or you can have the actual balls to get out of the fucking comment section and say something to my face as Twitch is the ONLY platform we have at Barstool where interaction is instant, live, and ongoing. So grab your nuts for once in your life, quit hiding behind your anonymous Internet handles, and be (somewhat) of a man strong, independent person as we are gender neutral here at Barstool Sports and men and women can both excel equally in life no matter what the sayings have been for millennia. I dare you. I’m right here:

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