Xander Bogaerts To The Disabled List With A Small Crack In The Talus Bone In His Left Ankle


Well, fuck. Was hoping for just a jammed ankle and a day-to-day diagnosis or something like that, but official word from the Red Sox is that Xander Bogaerts has a “small crack in the talus bone in his left ankle.”

Shortstop Xander Bogaerts underwent an X-ray yesterday and an MRI today at Massachusetts General Hospital, revealing a small crack in the talus bone in his left ankle. The injury is non-displaced and will not require surgery. Bogaerts, who was placed on the 10-day disabled list today, is expected to miss approximately 10-14 days.

To fill Bogaerts’ spot on the major league roster, the Red Sox will recall infielder Tzu-Wei Lin from Triple-A Pawtucket tomorrow, Tuesday, April 10.

I’m gonna be upfront about this — I’m not a doctor. I’m an EMT school dropout if that counts for anything, but never quite made it to doctor level. That being said, doesn’t 10-14 days sound a little unrealistically optimistic to you? I mean, obviously I hope Bogaerts is back out there, at least resuming baseball activities in two weeks or less, but a quick little Google search will turn up this information:

The recovery from a talus fracture is lengthy because until the bone is healed, you cannot place weight on the extremity. Therefore, most talus fractures require a minimum of eight to 12 weeks of protection from weight-bearing. In more significant injuries, the time may be longer. Studies have shown that the ultimate outcome of patients correlates well with the extent of the initial injury.

Not to be a Negative Nancy, but the 10-14 days part just doesn’t pass the sniff test. We all hope that’s the case, but it wouldn’t be shocking in the least if we’re looking at a longer stint on the disabled list than that. I guess the silver lining here is that surgery is off the table, but the main concern isn’t so much the time on the disabled list; it’s whether or not this is going to be a lingering issue for Bogaerts once he returns.

We’ve already seen this story before. Bogaerts starts the season off red hot, gets hurt, is healthy enough to be in the lineup, but not healthy enough to play at the level that he was at prior to the injury. Don’t rush him back. If he needs more than 14 days, then give him more than the 14 days. We know how good Bogaerts can be when he’s fully healthy, and when he’s fully healthy, he’s a legitimate impact player. The injured but okay enough to play version of Bogaerts is not.