Baker Mayfield Went To a Psychic Who Predicted He's Going To The Arizona Cardinals But I'm Calling Bullshit

Alright so I’m calling bullshit here. That whole spiel about who Baker is as a person could have literally been inserted into every single draft prospect, except for the part that he has had a family with money backing him his whole life.  If this psychic is real I’m going to need her guessing what my birthday is, telling me the name of my future wife, telling me how many fingers I’m holding behind my back, and while we’re at it how about the winning lotto numbers? Can’t do any of that, well you’re a fraud.

Guessing that an NFL prospect who’s relevant enough to be doing a big sit-down with you is a “high-energy person who hates people who lack productivity” is the most generic answer possible for a young athlete. You’re good at talking to the media and you won’t let the money go to your head? Really hard hitting assumptions being thrown out here.

As for the Cardinals drafting Baker? I’m not buying that one bit. The Cardinals refuse to draft quarterbacks in the first round. They’ve had Drew Stanton as their backup/second half of the year QB the last few years and enjoyed mediocrity once Carson Palmer went down, having virtually zero contingency plan. Before that it was Logan Thomas who had trouble achieving any kind of first down. Arizona has just refused to upgrade their situation and pushed all their chips to the middle on a fragile Carson Palmer. Now that he’s retired, they’ve spent $20 million on Sam Bradford. I don’t think they’re smart enough to go grab Baker Mayfield based off that recent track record of incompetency and this card reader is a phony in my mind.

P.S. On the off chance Baker goes to Arizona we need this woman questioned by the CIA, FBI, CTU and find out what else she knows.