People Are Peeved That Some Stanley Cup Playoff Games Are Going To Be Aired On The Golf Channel

Tampa Bay Lightning v New Jersey Devils

The first round of the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs get underway this Wednesday night. 16 teams are still alive after 82 games and the quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup begins now. Obviously the first round of the playoffs are always the best. There are multiple games on pretty much every night of the week and it’s non-stop action. With so many games on so many nights and NBC only having so many channels, I guess the broadcasting schedule got a little jammed up. Which is why when you take a look at the Tampa vs New Jersey and Anaheim vs San Jose, you’ll see an unsuspecting channel getting the call for the Game 4’s.

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Now first let me real quick start off by saying this is just what happens when you let the New Jersey Devils into the Stanley Cup Playoffs. There are like 1400 Devils fans total. You really think they’re going to give them a primetime slot on NBCSN? Sorry but ratings reign supreme. And if there are only 1400 Devils fans and the majority of them will be at the game instead of watching on TV, well then that’s how you end up on the Golf Channel.

But when you take a look at what relegated these game 4’s to the Golf Channel… well… well it’s definitely not a great look for the NHL.

People seem to be slightly-less than pleased with this decision.

When even ESPN is shit talking your hockey coverage, that’s when you know you’ve fucked up.

A lot of people had the same response which, if I’m correctly picking up on the context clues, is heavily sarcastic in nature.


As previously mentioned, I’m pretty sure these are all sarcastic. Which means that people actually can wait to watch a couple of game 4’s on the Golf Channel. Love to be facetious on the interwebs.

Regardless. The only thing I have to say to these people who are upset with a couple of hockey games being played on the Golf Channel is… relax. Let’s be real with ourselves here. When has the league ever done anything that should make us trust that they know what they’re doing? When has the league ever done anything that should make us have faith in them growing the popularity of the game? I don’t get how this isn’t just expected at this point. And it’s 2 games. One with the Devils and one between two California teams being played at 10:30pm ET. It’s not the end of the world. I think we’ll all survive. I also don’t think either of them will be elimination games. Lightning in 5, Ducks in 6. You’ll probably be able to catch those games on Bravo.

P.S. – Flyers vs Penguins puts the asses in the seats.

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