Texas Mom Puts Her Young Son In A McDonald's Shirt Which Appears To Suggest That He Loves Vagina

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A Texas mom is apologizing for not monitoring her son’s clothing close enough.

Shelly McCullar sent her son, Anthony, to school at Travis Elementary on Wednesday in what she thought was a McDonald’s-logo T-shirt. But the mom was in for a surprise when Anthony got home and she took a closer look at what he was wearing: an X-rated McDonald’s parody featuring a pair of parted women’s legs wearing heels with the tagline, “I’m lovin it” written underneath.

“I promise from now on to monitor what my kids are wearing!” McCullar wrote in a now-viral Facebook post. “I had no idea Anthony wore this to school.”

Folks, what do you like about McDonald’s?

“Chaps,,, we like the buns.”

Get it?

Sometimes sex jokes are tough for people to get but that really shouldn’t be the case in this situation. I mean, I’m getting steamy just thinking about the underbottom of this legs logo. A nicely curved ass and burgers that dont quit? That’s the American Dream. It’s the Dusty Rhodes of burger joints if you like your burgers tasting like pennies.

But, let’s relax calling this x-rated. It’s suggestive, not x rated. If the kid wore a shirt with a hi-res pic of Stormy Daniels’ legs spread high and wide like the golden arches, that’s x-rated. This is just suggestive.

At least he didnt wear these.



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And, truth be known, he could have been wearing the same shirt as longtime stoolie Spike in the cinematic masterpiece Notting Hill starring Hugh Grant and the lovely Julia Roberts. That would have been way more problematic.