City Demolishes A Silo And Oops It Falls The Wrong Way And Hits The Library

Well shit. This happened in Denmark. Nobody was hurt which is good. That’s the main thing. You gotta feel real dumb if you’re the demolition expert who set up the explosives though. He had one job. Make sure the silo falls the right way. That’s it, Or at least make it fall in a direction that’s not the library. Make it fall in the water. Make it fall to the right. Make it fall backwards. Nope. The silo fell into the one place where it would do damage. This is like a surgeon who has to amputate an arm and amputates the wrong one. Whoops. And now there’s no going back. One job. One.

The fact that nobody got hurt in the library might be the biggest indicator of all. That speaks volumes about the demolition expert. He must not have a very good Yelp rating. The people of the town weren’t positive that the silo wasn’t going to fall onto the library so they cleared it out. And sure enough, it fell on the library. Does the town get a new library now? Maybe that was their plan all along. Make the silo fall onto the library so they have to get a new one. Although if you’re still going to a library in 2018 you’re the weirdest person alive. Come to think of it, that silo falling on the library was a blessing.