To All The Haters Who Prematurely Buried "Get Up"- Mike Greenberg Just Served You Up A Huge Plate Of Crow

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They all said Mike Greenberg coudnt work as a host of a TV show.

They said his takes werent orignal

They said his modest quarter zip pullovers looked like the consolation prize you got for being caller number 9 to Cartalk, but incorrectley answered the trivia question about Vovlo gas milage

They said he needs a jock like Golic to give him swirlies whenever he starts using words that are longer then two syllables

They said Mike Greenberg was like if the sciencists from Jurrasic park took DNA from a mosquito that bit Mr. Rogers and filled in the gaps in his DNA with Joey Fatone

They said PFT Commenter was so much more handsome and had better hair and was smarter and gave higher percentege of his money to charity and was way nicer to animals

They said he looks like hes allergic to his own semen

They said Mike Greenberg needs a permisson slip from his wife to go pee and signed a pre-nup saying he would stop pooping

They said Mike Greenbergs mom made him get ”dont forget your jacket youll catch cold” tattooed on his chest like in Memento

They all said Greeny looks like if William H Macy went on The Swan

Everyone said Mike Greenbergs ass was so small it looked like it was running away from his own farts

They said Greenys wife makes him iron his scrotum before hes allowed to have sex with her

People said he cant listen to ACDC after 1 PM because it gives him nightmares

Everyone said Greeny one time got carpal tunnel from clapping to hard at a Huey Lewis concert when they asked if anyone wanted to hear some new stuff

They said Mike Greenberg looks like if the bus from speed got detailed at the Gap and would explode if it went longer then 20 seconds without reading a ad

They said all these things and many many more.

Well it looks like there all eating crow this morning because all that stuff was just motivation for Greeny. He just went nuclear on America with this one folks, and decided to ask perhaps the best hypothetical I’ve ever heard presented: Michael Jordan verse Lebron James

Oh he went there.

I know what your thinking- MJ verse Lebron? But PFT those two players never played verse each other. Well thats the beauty of TV we can talk about those things. Total game changer.

Its a interesting question because they played in two diffrent eras. One where there was defenses where you were aloud to kidnap your opponents mom and hold her for ransom if he carried the ball too much, and the other where you sign contacts via emojis. Both are stars to be sure but what if they played against each other? I know it could never happen but thats whats great about debate- you can imagine what if they did.

FYI Jordan never lost in the finals- is this proof that hes more clutch? But then again Lebrons supporting cast wasnt as strong. Honestley we could have this debate for infinity years. Is Greenie entering the Washington Wizards portion of his career? I thought so untill he broke the glass and pulled the Lebron MJ handle in case of emergency- now I’m not so sure he’s even reached his prime.

And just in case you thought milleneals werent eating this stuff up, looks like thats another plate of crow I’m gonna have to serve up to you because all the hip young social media influencers are going absoluteley bonkers: