It's Good To Point Out There Are Still 152 Games Left in the Yankees Season and They're Going To Be Just Fine

Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees

I’m not sure there’s been this much “panic” into a 5-5 start for any baseball team in the history of the sport than what is going on in the Bronx right now. Have the Yankees played like absolute dog shit to start the season? Without question. Does it help that both the Boston Red Sox and New York Mets are off to franchise best starts? No, no it does not. Is the sky really falling after ten games? Listen, ten percent of the season hasn’t even passed and we’re talking about moving Stanton down in the order. Let’s relax guys, he’s going to be fine. Look at the lineup today and tell me you can really judge this team based off what we’re rolling out there. I don’t think Neil Walker was supposed to bat cleanup for this team entering the year, correct me if I’m wrong. Greg Bird, CC Sabathia, Gary Sanchez, Clint Frazier, Aaron Hicks, Brandon Drury, Tyler Wade, Jacoby Ellsbury, Billy McKinney. All of those players have already missed games because of injury or illness and it’s April 9th. It’s an unfortunate start, but by May we’ll be back to almost 100% (depending on Bird’s recovery time and if Drury figures out his bizarre migraine issue) and things will shift back to normalcy. For now, it’ll be scratch and claw time, just trying to tread water while the rocky waves try to drown us. to Stanton.

Becoming only the third player in the Live Ball Era to strike out five times twice in one season is troublesome, especially when we’re nine days in. Stanton seems incapable of hitting a pitch outside and is guessing wrong on seemingly every breaking ball that comes his way. It’s funny how the game finds you in these spots. It happened to A-Rod pre-2009 when he would shrink in the biggest of moments. Whenever a game winning situation arose, number 13 would be up at the plate. Yesterday, in both the 10th and 12th innings Stanton’s name was due up in the biggest of spots. In the 10th Aaron Judge was actually intentionally walked to bring up the struggling Stanton. He swung on the first pitch, breaking his bat on a weak ground ball to the left side, ending the threat. In the 12th Judge came up with nobody out and the bases loaded. You could run through every scenario possible, and a 1-2-5 double play (the first since 2006) was the worst possible play on the list. Stanton came up with the tying run on second and struck out swinging. I said the boos were uncalled for during the home opener since the Yanks were winning 9-4 at the time. Well, yesterday they were warranted and the fans let him have it. It almost sounded like they were hopping he would fail just to fucking let him have it. Obviously that wasn’t the case but man oh man they were vicious.

Props to Giancarlo. He’s handled the media about as perfect as you could. When you struggle in New York and wear it like this it helps you a lot in the future with the media. He’s simply way too good of a player for this to continue much longer and he’ll snap out of it soon enough. Remember what he did last year? Well, his month of April wasn’t exactly eye popping whatsoever. Neither of his last three Aprils to be honest have been Stanton-esque.

April 2017: .264 BA 7 HRs 16 RBIs, 27 strikeouts in 23 games
April 2016: .253 BA 8 HRs 19 RBIs, 30 strikeouts in 21 games
April 2015: .284 BA 6 HRs 21 RBIs, 28 strikeouts in 22 games

He’s not the quickest of starters plain and simple. Now in 2018 he’s struck out almost half of his at bats and it’s likely shaping up to be his worst opening month yet but there’s zero long-term concern from me. He’s one of the best hitters in major league baseball and slumps happen to everyone not named Mike Trout. I think this off day could not be better timed as the Yanks gear up for their first clash against the Sox. Who will step on the rubber in the top of the first on Tuesday? That will be Chris Sale. Due up third will be Giancarlo Stanton and I hope he hits one onto the highway. There’s no better way to get the Yankees faithful back on your side than storming the gates of Fenway and dismantling the Boston Red Sox. We’re going to be just fine.

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