Congrats To Tiger Woods Shooting A Final Round 69 (hehe)

Tiger entered the Masters with crazy high expectations. He was the damn betting favorite on a lot of books. He’s won the Masters 4 times, has posted a couple top-5 finishes on Tour, is fused up, is swinging the club impossibly fast, and looked to be peaking for Augusta. What wasn’t to like?

But clearly those expectations were unreachably high. Tiger showed severe rust through the whole bag. His driving was hit or miss. His distance control with the irons was god awful. Hit hit several shaky chips and pitches. He didn’t hole any putts.

Especially today — Tiger putted TERRIBLY today, but still managed to fire a 3-under 69. Very nice, and if it’s any consolation, that’s a good sign going forward. This is just his 6th start since returning from what many feared would be a career-ending back situation, and it looks like he’ll snag a top-35 finish in a major championship.

Not what he wanted. We’re all disappointed. Dave and Troll Cat get to troll us for at least two more months until the US Open at Shinnecock.

But we’ve come a LONG way in the last 6 months. Let’s keep it positive with some highlights.

Amazing flop spinner on 2.

Near ace on 4.

Birdie on 8.

Birdie on 13.


Eagle on 15.

Birdie on 17.

We’re going to play Tiger up because he changes everything. The ratings are through the roof. The clicks are through the roof. The t-shirt sales are through the roof. But the bottom line and main takeaway right now is this: Tiger Woods is back playing major championship golf and that’s just fantastic. That’s a great thing. Trust the process.

And suck it, Phil.

Now we get to sit back and watch a handful of studs battle it out for the Masters. What a time to be alive.

Golf is back.