Raja Bell Tells The Story Of The Night That Caused Jerry Sloan To Resign From The Jazz

This is one of those stories and scenarios that has become somewhat forgotten about because of everything else crazy that happened in the NBA. However, we’re starting to find out all the details from the night that Deron Williams and Jerry Sloan got into it causing the legendary coach to resign the next morning.

This is Raja Bell’s story from the infamous February 9, 2011 night. The scene – if you don’t feel like clicking on the tweet – Sloan calls a play ‘4-down’ to start the game and Williams switches is to ‘4-up.’ It’s essentially the same play, but instead of catching the ball on the right block, it’s caught on the left block. Eventually at halftime, Sloan and Williams get into it which then had Williams meet with the owner during halftime.

This eventually led to the resignation of Sloan, who coached the Jazz for 22 years. He had a 60% winning percentage and got to the NBA Finals twice, losing to the Jordan led Bulls both times. Just after Sloan resigned, Williams was traded to the Brooklyn Nets, eventually leading to the Nets trading for Garnett and Pierce.

Again, it was one of the weirder and crazier stories as you had a legendary coach and face of the franchise getting into it and both leaving the franchise within two weeks of each other. It ultimately took Rudy Gobert being a star and Gordon Hayward being a top-20 player to turn the Jazz back into a team that actually meant something. Now, Hayward is obviously gone, but the Jazz are still in contention for a top-4 seed in the West.