Is It Treasonous To Not Root For Patrick Reed Today?

I have a confession to make — I don’t know who I’m rooting for today. We have Patrick Reed and Rory McIlroy 5 and 2 shots clear of the field respectively. In the final group together. Last time these two went head-to-head it was the most electric Ryder Cup singles match of our lifetimes.

On one hand, Patrick Reed is Mr. America. He’s Captain America. The guy rocks his USA Ryder Cup pants during random tournaments and was sporting his damn team umbrella yesterday while leading the Masters.

That is awesome. I love America, he loves America, and Europe’s taken the last two Masters. Would be nice to see the green jacket once again draped over some American shoulders, and Reed’s been highlighting the fact that he’s American as hell for 4 or 5 years straight now. I love all that.

On the other hand, he does have this pudgy, cocky, unlikeable vibe. He just does. I don’t exactly know how to explain but he gets a very negative reaction from people. People just see his face and get pissed off.

On top of that, a Reed stumble simply makes this a better tournament to watch. It brings a hungry, powerful pack of wolves — Rickie, Rahm, Stenson, Bubba, Spieth, JT, DJ — back into the tournament. Fireworks down the stretch with a handful of guys is infinitely more exciting than Reed playing a methodical round and getting it done with some breathing room.

And we’ve got Rory McIlroy. Rory, outside of Tiger, is the most fun player to watch in the game. His action with the driver is the sexiest thing in sports. I mean that. Every part of me is drawn to that move. It’s hot as fuck.


This chick thinks so too.

Rory is looking to become just the 7th player in history to win the career grand slam, and looking to avenge Augusta still from his infamous 2011 collapse. He led by 4, shot 80, and lost by 10.

Because of the Reed/Rory history, there’s clearly more to today’s round. Rory delivered a fiery interview after birdieing the 18th yesterday, including this comment.

“Something else” …


Look, I love that Patrick Reed is American and shoves the red, white and blue right in everybody’s face no matter where he is. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t rooting for a Reed bogey or two early to make things interesting. I want carnage. I want struggle city. I want Rory and the guys behind him to see a little blood in the water and come circling like sharks nibbling chunks out of Reed’s lead.

I want the back nine at Augusta to be WILD today. I want it to be a circus. A rollercoaster. I want both heroics and crushing heartbreak, and the only way to get all that — and to get the best version of it — is if Patrick Reed struggles.

It’s probably treasonous, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

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