Rose Namajunas Defeats Joanna Jedrzejczyk In A Fight That Goes The Distance

MMACat checking in. That was a pretty entertaining fight. I said during it that it was weird Rogan didn’t mention Joanna’s leg kicks in the second round that clearly hurt Rose. But that’s why I’m a dumb dumb and he’s an expert. Because even with those leg kicks Rose had control start to finish. Her movement was impossible to square up and the punches she landed did damage, Joanna’s eyes were fucked up by round 5. Really impressed with her composure from start to finish and the stamina she showed (the one question mark going in). It wasn’t as exciting as the first fight and it didn’t have the shock that one gave us, but it was still a good one. On to the “main event”. I’m sure you know by now this card is a mess.

I was just texting with Robbie who asked if I could help out while he’s in New Orleans covering Wrestlemania. He’ll have a full recap tomorrow.

Double PS

Women with their head shaved intimidate me.