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Padres Lose To The Astros In Extra Innings In Hilarious Fashion

How does a team that incompetent even play their way into a 0-0 tie with the Astros for 11 and 2/3s innings in the first place? That’s an all time gaffe that I truly don’t understand how it wasn’t caught by at least three Padres. I guess the catcher was trying to be near home in case the ball landed and he needed to make a play at the plate? Completely ignoring the fact that baseball Derek Fisher was chugging along the second Bregman hit a pop up that went much higher than it did far. The pitcher pulling the old “Point to the sky someone else will get to it” move is all time. Yeah pitchers aren’t supposed to field fly balls hit behind them but considering where this ball landed him pointing to the moon and then dusting his hands as a sign of a job well done is too perfect. Eric Hosmer didn’t join the Padres because he thought they had a chance of winning the World Series. He’s there for the bag, and the bag will make this play that much easier to forget about. But boy oh boy is that a hilarious way to lose a baseball game. The ball didn’t even spin foul as it would 99/100 times here because it was too busy laughing at the absurdity of this gaffe.